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“Mouse Tales” are the stories of two young mice, Sniffy and Yummy, who are regularly told by their mum to stop playing computer games and go outside.

During their adventures in the garden and in the meadows they meet other mice, find new friends, learn interesting and funny things and acquire new skills.

They get to know where bumblebees live, why you shouldn’t measure the water temperature with a thermometer if you don’t want to go to school and what happens if a toy soldier is launched tied to a rocket.

They find out how to stay warm in a snow hut, how one can win a dance contest with two left feet, whether fish sleep at all, how to play hockey with a broom, why an incidental pop can cause family issues and how a flower that has no teeth can eat insects... and lots more, seasoned with plenty of humour.

“Mouse Tales” is now available in bookstores like Waterstones and Foyles and also on Amazon.

Buy your copy today and you’ll be just as happy as Quinn 😃